Greg Clark, Leader of the Alberta Party Opposition


Greg Clark questions the government on the Protection of Children in Care.

Mr. Clark: I thank you, Mr. Speaker. Nearly two years after Serenity’s death major problems persist in Alberta’s child welfare system. These are not new problems. Report after report after report have identified the issues. A committee chaired by Tim Richter was established to implement past recommendations, but this work has been ignored by the minister. It’s clear we don’t need another panel. We need action. To the Minister of Human Services. We all know what’s wrong; we all know the answers. How can you justify yet another repetitive panel?

Greg Clark questions the government on Education, PDD and Health Program Reviews

Mr. Clark: Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. Now, yesterday I rose in this House to challenge the government on their use of it looks like when an MLA holds the government to account for their constituents. To the Minister of Education. A constituent asked me why the curriculum survey was so long, technical, and complex and if the questions were designed to elicit the government’s desired outcomes. Can you tell the House how many surveys were abandoned partway through and whether this exercise is just cover for curriculum changes that have already been decided?

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