Greg Clark, Leader of the Alberta Party Opposition

  • Pathway to Prosperity

    The Alberta Party Caucus Fiscal Plan, Pathway to Prosperity, is the balanced, pragmatic approach to government finances. This plan presents a middle, ...

  • Pathway to Prosperity

    Alberta is at a crossroads. As the economic downturn moves into its third year, many people are wondering what the future holds for our province. Will...


Greg Clark speaks on the Emergency Debate on Opioid Use

Mr. Clark: Thank you very much, Madam Speaker. I really want to say to the Member for Calgary-South East: thank you for your passion; thank you for your service as a first responder. You’re a braver man than I for doing what you do. As you were speaking, I was just reflecting as a father of a junior-high-aged daughter and another daughter who is younger but will soon join her sister in junior high and I think about our life, the life that we have at our household. I think: well, my daughters can’t possibly be at risk. We love them very much, they’re safe at home, they’re well fed, they’re not abused, they don’t see addiction at home, but of course they’re at risk. Of course they are. Every single one of our children is at risk, all of our neighbours are at risk, and we as individuals are at risk as well. None of us are immune from this. I think the story that the Member for Calgary-South East told really brings that home.

Greg Clark questions the government on Provincial Fiscal Policies

Mr. Clark: Why, thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. Last week I released Pathway to Prosperity, the Alberta Party’s plan to get our province back on track. Our plan curbs government spending with-out hurting front-line services, reduces reliance on nonrenewable resource revenues, and not only balances in four years but also starts to pay back debt. That’s quite a concept. As part of our analysis we modelled the NDP budget, and guess what? It never balances, ever. To the Minister of Finance. You claim you will balance the budget by 2024. Will you prove it by showing your work and including a detailed plan to balance in next week’s budget?

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