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  • Pathway to Prosperity

    The Alberta Party Caucus Fiscal Plan, Pathway to Prosperity, is the balanced, pragmatic approach to government finances. This plan presents a middle, ...

  • Pathway to Prosperity

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Greg Clark questions the Minister of Children’s Services on Serenity and the Child Intervention System

Mr. Clark: Well, thank you, Mr. Speaker. When it comes to children in care, there is a complex web of legislation, different accountabilities and funding from various levels of government, overlaid with privacy concerns. Now, all of this, I hope, is focused on the well-being of Alberta’s children. Unfortunately, as questions about Serenity’s former kinship care family have been debated this week, the minister hasn’t helped the situation by her lack of disclosure. To the Minister of Children’s Services. Now, I’m not asking you to break any privacy laws, but your responses have left too many unanswered questions. There’s an unfortunate perception that you’re using privacy as an excuse for inaction. What are you going to do to change that perception?

Greg Clark speaks on 29th Legislature midterm reflections

As the halfway point of this Legislature approaches, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to be an MLA. I think about the tone of the Assembly and about whether private members, both opposition and government, really have a say in how our province is governed. Mr. Speaker, I think I might be having a mid-term crisis.

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