Greg Clark, Leader of the Alberta Party Opposition

  • Pathway to Prosperity

    The Alberta Party Caucus Fiscal Plan, Pathway to Prosperity, is the balanced, pragmatic approach to government finances. This plan presents a middle, ...

  • Pathway to Prosperity

    Alberta is at a crossroads. As the economic downturn moves into its third year, many people are wondering what the future holds for our province. Will...


Greg Clark speaks on the Commemoration of Vimy Ridge

First World War veteran Reginald Roy said; “I became a Canadian on Vimy Ridge. We became a nation there in the eyes of the world. It cut across French and English, rich and poor, urban and rural. Vimy Ridge confirmed that we were as good as, if not better than, any European power.”

Greg Clark speaks to Motion 504, School Nutrition Programs

Mr. Clark: Thank you very much, Madam Speaker. I rise to speak in favour of the motion. I will be interested to hear what my hon. colleagues from the Official Opposition have to say as well. It would surprise me very much if there’s a member of this Assembly that doesn’t support expanding the number of communities served by school nutrition programs. It is something, I think, that is essential and fundamental.

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