Alberta Party oPPOSITION leader Greg Clark has written a letter of support to the Canadian Environment Assessment Agency in support of the Pacific NorthWest LNG project. Find copy of the letter here.

“Projects like Pacific NorthWest LNG will be beneficial to BC, but also to Alberta and all of Canada,” said Clark. “It’s important that we stand together as Canadians to support projects that are in our national interest, even when those projects are in other provinces.”

Clark called on other Alberta provincial leaders to state their support, and to make a submission to the Agency before the March 11 deadline.

“We have an opportunity to lead by example and support our provincial neighbours,” said Clark. “Projects like this do not have to be adversarial and anything Alberta can do to support nation-building projects can only help turn the conversation about important projects like the TransMountain and Energy East pipelines.

“I’m a proud Canadian and want to see economic opportunity in all parts of our country. Projects like Pacific NorthWest LNG help accomplish that.”

– 30 –

For an interview please contact:

Natasha Soles

Communications Coordinator

Alberta Party Caucus

(780) 722-4733


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