Last week the Alberta Party Caucus released our shadow budget, which is our second such document. The Alberta Party Caucus Alternative Budget – 2015/2016 may be found here. We believe as an opposition party we have two choices; we can oppose everything the government does or we can propose ideas and tell Albertans how we would address the challenges facing our province.

We choose to propose ideas and challenge other opposition parties to do the same.

Our shadow budget balances in four years, avoids big cuts and engages public service to find cost savings.

We believe there’s a better way to balance the budget that doesn’t burden future generations with unsustainable debt loads while still investing in infrastructure and preserving front-line services.

The Alberta Party Caucus shadow budget would:

  • Balance in four years
  • Accommodate for population growth
  • Use more conservative resource revenue forecasts than the government
  • Freeze, but not roll back, public sector salaries
  • Work closely with Alberta’s public sector salaries
  • Work closely with Alberta’s public servants to find significant cost savings and improve service delivery
  • Gradually bring Alberta’s per-capita spending in line with the national average
  • Cut small business tax to 2%, implement an investor tax credit
  • Implement a transition plan to make the carbon tax truly revenue neutral

As a result of these efforts, the Alberta Party path to balance is as follows:

Long Term Plan
(Billions of CAD)
Fiscal Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Consolidated Revenue 41.6 44.7 48.3 50.0 51.8
Consolidated Expense 49.3 49.0 5.1 50.9 51.8
Consolidated Surplus/(Deficit) -7.7 -4.3 -1.7 -0.9 0.0


Balancing the budget presents challenges and requires strong leadership. We believe that by taking this middle way we can preserve front-line services without racking up debt to a level that would impair our ability to deliver these services in the future.

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