April 5, 2018 (Edmonton) – The Alberta Party Caucus Health Critic Greg Clark has written to the Privacy Commissioner to ask for an investigation to determine whether the inappropriate letter sent by AHS to an Indigenous girl, or any other letters sent by AHS under similar circumstances, represents a breach of privacy.

The letter can be found here.

“Privacy is of paramount importance, especially when dealing with confidential health information,” said Alberta Party Indigenous Relations Critic Karen McPherson. “I am concerned that this letter is not only culturally insensitive, but has the potential to represent a significant breach of trust and of privacy.”

Clark noted that while AHS has apologized, this situation represents a learning opportunity not only for AHS, but for all of government.

“While I commend your government for the steps they have taken towards reconciliation, very clearly not enough has changed throughout all aspects of the provincial government,” said Clark. “I look forward to hearing from the Privacy Commissioner and I hope the government provides her with the support she needs to conduct a thorough and timely investigation.”

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Niall Condon

Director of Communications

Alberta Party Caucus

(780) 721-3065


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