December 17, 2018 (Calgary) – Greg Clark, the Alberta Party Caucus Energy Critic, today called on all Calgarians and Albertans to support the province’s energy industry and the pro-pipeline rally at Calgary City Hall at noon today.

“We all want concrete action to get pipelines built, and the Alberta Party Caucus is here to show its support, standing up for all of Alberta in the spirit of respect and cooperation,” said Clark.

“At the same time, we also call on the Notley NDP government to stand up for Albertans and defend Alberta’s oilpatch and workers by concretely speaking out on Bill C-69 and the changes that need to be made to this legislation in the Senate.

“The Alberta Party Caucus has consistently said that we have some of the most responsibly-produced oil in the world. Yet, here we are, almost four years after the Notley NDP government came to power, and the state of our oil and gas industry is in worse shape than ever before. We still can’t get our oil to world markets, and if the Trudeau federal government has its way, we never will.

“Industry leaders and Albertans have been saying for months that passage of Bill C-69 would make it impossible to ever get a pipeline built in this country. Why has the Notley NDP government refused to lead the demands for change or abolishment of this legislation? Do they not realize – or care – that this Bill is a significant barrier to investment and will erode public and investor confidence, putting jobs and peoples’ livelihoods even more at risk in this province?

“The Alberta Party Caucus calls on all the Alberta and Western Canada senators who will review Bill C-69 in committee to tell us exactly what changes they will make to the bill to protect and grow Alberta’s oil and gas industry, restore and maintain lost investor confidence, address impacts on Indigenous communities and ensure pipelines get built. We also call on every Albertan to write their Senate representative, tell them exactly how Bill C-69 will affect their family and their livelihood, and demand changes.

“The Alberta Party Caucus is the only party that can get Alberta’s energy sector back up and running and Albertans back to work, so we can restore investor confidence, diversify the economy and lead the world in environmental and social sustainability as we get pipelines built.”

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Niall Condon

Director of Communications

(780) 721-3065

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