January 31, 2018 (Edmonton) – The government’s continued inaction on the recommendations of the Valuing Mental Health: Next Steps report is disappointing and disrespectful to Albertans dealing with mental health issues, according to the Alberta Party Caucus.

“It is absolutely inexcusable how much the NDP have been dragging their feet on this issue” said Alberta Party Caucus leader Greg Clark.

“The suggestions made by the Mental Health Review Committee won’t help a single person until this government actually takes real action to implement them.”

He went on to stress that the seriousness of proper mental health supports makes it all the more alarming that little progress is being made.

“For so many people out there, this is literally a life or death issue. We know from study after study that poor mental health comes with an enormous cost to society, both economic and in terms of people’s health and wellbeing. We need action on this file, and we need it now.”

MLA Karen McPherson pointed out that several of the recommendations of the Next Steps report could be implemented immediately, such as developing technology-based solutions to help people access tools, information and treatment options.

“January 31st is Bell Let’s Talk day, a reminder to all of us that our mental wellbeing is important. Our caucus would like to see some concrete action from this government demonstrating this is still a priority the other 364 days of the year.”

The Alberta Party Caucus remains willing to work with the government on improving mental health supports, and encourages any Albertan struggling with mental health issues to reach out and find help.

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