March 8, 2018 (Edmonton) – The Alberta Party Caucus is taking the day to celebrate the achievements of women across the globe. On International Women’s Day our caucus acknowledges that while there is still work to be done in advancing equality, we can draw inspiration from the accomplishments of women past and present.

“Our caucus is 100% committed to making sure that we are a voice for women in this province,” said MLA Karen McPherson, adding “we as a society are better off when we recognize and value the contributions women make by creating the opportunities to reach their full potential.”

She went on to say that it is important to make sure that we celebrate women as individuals, not just as a group.

“There are a number of issues that women are dealing with as a whole right now. The #metoo movement, pay equity, and more representation in government and in the boardroom are just a few things that affect women across this province and country, and by extension, our whole society.”

“We cannot lose sight of the unique contributions women make, and their individual challenges and choices. Addressing systemic inequality is crucially important, and I’d also like people to take today as a chance to reflect on how they support the women in their lives on a personal level.”

The Alberta Party Caucus stands with women in Alberta and the world on International Women’s Day, as well as every other day of the year as we strive for gender equality.

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Niall Condon

Director of Communications

Alberta Party Caucus

(780) 721-3065

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