November 21, 2018 (Edmonton) – On behalf of the Alberta Party Caucus, MLA Greg Clark is wishing Muslim Albertans a Happy and Blessed Mawlid al-Nabi.

“Today, we join all Albertans in wishing the Muslim community here and around the world a blessed Maulidur Rasul.”

“According to the Islamic calendar, the community will gather today to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. This day has been celebrated since the 13th century and has become one of the holiest days in the calendar.”

“By learning more about Islam, and what the Prophet Muhammad’s message we foster a greater understanding of our Muslim friends and neighbours, and can be better allies during their time of need.

“We would ask everyone in Alberta today to take a moment and think about someone in their lives that encouraged them to get rid of anger allow love into our hearts. We hope the Muslim community, and all Albertans, feel the love that is part of celebrating this holy day.”

“So on behalf of the Alberta Party Caucus, I wish all Muslim Albertans and Muslims around the world a Happy Maulidur Rasul.”

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Niall Condon
Director of Communications
(780) 721-3065

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