October 11, 2018 (Edmonton) – On behalf of the Alberta Party Caucus, MLA Rick Fraser is wishing Albertans a fantastic National Coming Out Day.

“Today, we celebrate the power of coming out as your honest and true self. Many LGBTQ2S+ Albertans and Canadians struggle with their identity and we encourage all folks to support those that have either come out already, or came out today. ”

“While today is a time for celebration, we need to remember that in many parts of the world being your own honest and true self is illegal and in many places punishable by jail and even death.”

“LGBTQ2S+ Albertans have brought so much to the social and economic frameworks of our province over the years that it’s hard to consider the community separate from the rest of the province, but the fight for equality is still not over. Day in and day out we need to push for safer spaces like GSAs in schools, and for further protections for queer community members. Resources like the Pride Centre of Edmonton, and the Calgary Outlink Centre need additional supports in order to service our metropolitan areas, but we also need a rural strategy around diversity and inclusion. We need to continue to do more as a caucus and we will.”

“So on behalf of the Alberta Party Caucus, I wish all Albertans and Canadians a very happy National Coming Out Day.”

– 30 –

Barb Currie
Director of Operations
Alberta Party Caucus
(780) 289-6793

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