January 29, 2019 (Calgary) – The purchase of land required for the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir (SR1) project is an important step forward in the journey to avoid a repeat of the devastating 2013 flood, says Calgary-Elbow MLA Greg Clark.

“Springbank is the only viable project that will protect downtown Calgary, human life, taxpayer-funded infrastructure and river communities,” said Clark. “I’m hopeful this will create momentum for a project that has taken far longer than anyone hoped.”

Clark noted that the acquisition respects the history the landowners have with this property and ensures existing ranching operations can continue.

“The Robinson family deserves thanks for recognizing that Albertans are in this together,” said Clark. “I’m pleased to see the purchase agreement honours the family’s long history on the land and preserves their cattle business, along with heritage buildings.

“But we’re not there yet. The regulatory process is moving very slowly, and the government needs to work as quickly as possible to get this project built and to see our community protected,” said Clark.

“The government has not committed to keeping to the most recent timeline (which in itself is a delay from the original plan), so at this point it is unclear when exactly the project will be completed.

“I repeat my call for the province to conduct a thorough, respectful two-way consultation with Indigenous people both upstream and downstream of SR1, and to do so as quickly as possible.”

“Every spring brings risk, and the Springbank Off-stream Reservoir is the only project that will ensure we don’t see a repeat of the damage suffered in 2013.”

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Niall Condon

Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs

Alberta Party Caucus

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