January 17, 2019 (Calgary) – Following the Premier’s speech at the Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association annual stakeholder event this afternoon, Alberta Party Caucus Energy Critic Greg Clark issued the following statement:

“We are still waiting for the Premier’s long-term plan for energy diversification,” said Clark, “however, we agree with her statement today that there needs to be one, to dramatically accelerate energy diversification in Alberta.

“In fact, we’ve been saying for months now that there needs to be a plan, and that the Alberta Party Caucus has such a plan. We were the first to call for a temporary curtailment of Alberta oil production – on November 17th of last year – until bitumen prices recover, and consider a royalty holiday once prices improve, to keep our industry viable and Albertans employed. Eleven days later, the Official Opposition agreed with our call.

“We’re also pleased to hear today that the Premier agrees with what we’ve been saying about Bill C-69 and Bill C-48 – that there must be changes to these bills if we ever hope to get another pipeline built in this country.

“However, we are still waiting to hear from Alberta and Western Canada senators who will review Bill C-69 in committee to tell us exactly what changes they will make to the bill to protect and grow Alberta’s oil and gas industry, restore and maintain lost investor confidence, address impacts on Indigenous communities and ensure pipelines get built.

“Waiting to hear from them just isn’t good enough, which is why we will make sure Alberta Party Caucus concerns – which are nothing less than Albertans’ concerns – are fully communicated to the Senate, so Senators can understand what changes we believe need to be made to protect the livelihoods of Alberta oil and gas workers and their families.

“The Alberta Party Caucus has consistently said that we have some of the most responsibly-produced oil in the world. We also believe the government can be doing far more to defend Alberta’s responsible leadership, and we support the call for a $2 surtax on each barrel of foreign-produced oil that is imported into Canada, if that oil does not meet Canada’s stringent standards for environmental protection, human rights and respect for the rule of law. We also support the call for a made-in-Canada certification process that would ensure international oil producers meet stringent Canadian environmental standards – a certification they would be required to pay for – if they want to avoid the surtax.

“The Alberta Party Caucus is the only party that can get Alberta’s energy sector back up and running and Albertans back to work, so we can restore investor confidence, diversify the economy and lead the world in environmental and social sustainability as we get pipelines built,” Clark concluded.

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Niall Condon

Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs

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