November 8, 2018 (Edmonton) – On behalf of the Alberta Party Caucus, MLA Greg Clark is joining with Albertans in remembering the awful night in 1938 that occurred in Nazi Germany called Kristallnacht, or “Night of the Broken Glass”.

“In the fall of 1938, a Polish Jew, Herschel Grynszpan, in France shot Ernst vom Rath, a German Diplomat based in Paris. That event was used to whip up anger at the Jewish community. The result of that anger in Germany was the fateful evening of November 9, 1938 where Jewish businesses were looted and burnt down just because of their owner’s religious beliefs and cultural identity.”

“This horrible act became known as the start of the terror of Nazi Germany and I’m sorry to say, the world did not stand with the persecuted. Instead of opening up their doors, countries did not remove their immigration quotas, leaving German Jews to seek refuge in countries like the Netherlands which were later invaded by the Nazi machine.”

“I encourage all Albertans to educate themselves on this awful event, and to continue to learn from the past, so that we can create a better future and always be on guard and fight against intolerance and discrimination”.

“To all of those who will be participating in memorials across the province over the next day or two, please remember that the Alberta Party Caucus stands with you, and will always call out racism, hatred, and anti-Semitism wherever we see it.”

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Niall Condon

Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs

Alberta Party Caucus

(780) 721-3065

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