January 19, 2018 (Edmonton) – The Alberta Party caucus welcomed the news that the government is initiating a long-overdue review of the program intended to help persons with developmental disabilities.

“This has been a long time coming,” said Alberta Party caucus leader Greg Clark. “We have heard for years that the PDD community has felt underserved and excluded by government programs, and that decisions about their lives are being made without them.”

“This is also a testament to the work that is being done by tireless advocates in the PDD community” he added, “The Alberta Party has long argued in the legislature that more attention needs to be given to the legitimate concerns of these advocates, and it is heartening to see the government is finally starting to get on the same page”

MLA Karen McPherson acknowledged that while the announcement of the review is an important first step, the Alberta Party caucus will be watching the process closely to ensure that the needs and input of the PDD community is paramount.

“While proper funding is important, it is vital that we make sure this review includes more opportunity for the PDD community to play a leading role in shaping their own future. This government has an unfortunate habit of making up their minds, then engaging in token consultation with the public.”

“I really hope that the government is committed to an open-minded review that prioritizes the lived experiences of persons with developmental disabilities.”

She went on to thank the many members of the of the PDD community who worked for this and shared their stories, as well as those who were advocates alongside them.

“This day wouldn’t have come about if not for the tireless efforts of so many dedicated people, and I want to give a special thanks to MLA Marie Renaud. Though it hasn’t been easy, I know Marie’s relentless work from inside of government caucus was a major factor in making this happen”

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