December 14, 2017 (Edmonton) The Alberta Party Caucus has shown they continue to be the most effective opposition party in the Alberta Legislature.

“This session has been a success for our caucus,” said Alberta Party Caucus leader Greg Clark. “We are the only opposition party who put forward successful amendments to legislation, seeking to improve legislation rather than simply argue against it.”

“I’m particularly proud that we increased access to the democratic process by extending mobile polling stations to indigenous reserves and Metis settlements. This is a step forward in increasing indigenous participation and voices in the Alberta Legislature.”

Alberta Party MLA Karen McPherson was also successful in passing an amendment that increases protection for consumers that allows them easier access to online contracts.

“The responsibility of opposition is to hold the government to account, in part by highlighting deficiencies in government action, but also through their role as a government-in-waiting,” said McPherson. “This session, we sought to improve legislation by adding amendments to bills where we saw gaps, and to advocate on behalf of Albertans.”

“I’m extremely pleased with the advocacy work we have been able to accomplish this year. I was especially glad to have passed my own Motion 511, advocating for increased awareness and supports for Albertans dealing with concussions. Improving the province’s education on preventing and recognizing the signs of concussion will hopefully improve patient outcomes and Albertan’s well-being.”

The Alberta Party Caucus brought forward many key issues of importance to a variety of communities across Alberta, including multiple calls for a provincial dementia strategy, supports for families struggling with infertility, and the unintended consequences of changes to educational funding.

“We may not always agree with the government, but we’ve shown how much can be accomplished when opposition is thoughtful and effective,” said Clark. “This session showed that NDP fiscal mismanagement has come home to roost. They don’t seem to have a long term plan, and now are announcing last-minute budget cuts that will directly harm Albertans.”

“This harm could have been prevented,” said Karen McPherson. “The Alberta Party has shown what our vision for the province would be, with a long term plan to work with different departments to find savings, rather than issuing top-down edicts with short timelines.”

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