Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark released his alternative to the Government’s 2015/2016 Budget.

“There is very little point in releasing only criticism,” said Clark. “As opposition it’s important we offer clear alternatives and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

The Alberta Party Caucus would balance the budget in fiscal 2018/19 by controlling operational costs while investing in badly-needed infrastructure and providing the front-line services Albertans need.

“I hope to offer the Government and Albertans an idea of how the Alberta Party Caucus would govern, and propose a number of changes that I feel would significantly improve the economic outlook for our province,” said Clark. “I am concerned about the overly optimistic outlook the Government has for energy prices and their future deficit projections. Our budget is more cautious, with conservative estimates that can withstand the economic downturn.

“Additionally, we will support entrepreneurs as they diversify the economy and grow their businesses, as well as empower front line workers to make Alberta’s public sector more innovative and efficient. Albertans are doing more with less, and we could learn from their restraint.”

Clark called on all opposition parties to release their alternatives to the Government’s first budget.

“The people of Alberta don’t want opposition for opposition’s sake, they want ideas and a clear plan. We’ve given them just that and I hope others will too.”

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For an interview please contact:

Natasha Soles

Communications Coordinator

Alberta Party Caucus

(780) 722-4733

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