October 30, 2017 (Edmonton) – Independent MLA Karen McPherson has joined the Alberta Party Caucus.

“I am thrilled to welcome Karen to the team,” said Clark. “Karen is a smart woman with a strong business background and an interest in social equality and justice. She is a perfect fit for the Alberta Party, and together I think we will have double the opportunity to press for common-sense solutions that are not ideologically driven, but motivated by what is best for Albertans and what will work to make Alberta stronger and better.”

McPherson said she’s looking forward to the opportunity to better represent her constituents and push for transformational change in health and education, driven by technology.
“The Alberta Party represents the missing middle in Alberta politics,” said McPherson. “We are focusing on what we have in common rather than what makes us different from each other.”

McPherson said she will focus on small business, entrepreneurship and bringing transformational change through technology.
“We need to rise above partisanship if we’re going to tackle the really big issues facing our province. The answers don’t lie in drastic cuts or simply a slowdown in rising costs; we must use emerging technologies to bring the transformational change that will make systems sustainable over the long term, and we need to engage Alberta entrepreneurs to create good jobs and put our province on a realistic track to balancing the budget.”

Clark said he expects the new two-member caucus to receive official party status in the Legislature.
“There’s clear precedent for a two-member opposition to receive official party status, including two-member NDP oppositions 1997 and most recently in 2008, where Rachel Notley and Brian Mason were given official party status.”

For an interview please contact:

Natasha Soles
Director of Communications
Alberta Party Caucus
(780) 722-4733

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