Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark is glad to see a commitment to cooperation coming from the governing party following Monday’s Speech from the Throne. “I appreciated the government giving opposition parties a preview of the throne speech, and I’m glad to see movements towards multipartisan efforts with the new Special Legislative Committee to protect and review democracy, as well as the bipartisan mental health review led by Dr. David Swann,” said Clark. “This sets the right tone and if it continues I’m optimistic the Legislature will be more effective.”

However, Clark said the Speech from the Throne was noteworthy as much for what it didn’t contain, as for what it did.

“There are a lot of funding commitments but no mention of a need to transform the public service, or how the government plans to get value for taxpayer dollars,” said Clark. “More money is not always the answer. Better management always is.”

Clark was especially disappointed by the lack of any reference to flood mitigation. “I find this deeply troubling,” said Clark. “It’s nearly two years to the day since Southern Alberta suffered the worst natural disaster in Alberta history and the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history. This is to say nothing of the loss of five lives and the billions in taxpayer and private dollars lost in the flood.”

“The 2013 flood could have been even worse. I will continue to push to make this a priority to protect the thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity generated in downtown Calgary and to protect the lives and livelihoods of people in flood communities in Southern Alberta.”

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