Calgary (December 14, 2016) Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark issued a statement following the end of the legislative session.

“What this session has shown from the NDP is the same as what we have seen over the past 18 months – an idealistic agenda coupled with management failures that impact Albertans,” said Clark. “From economic to social issues, from election finance to electricity reform, they have consistently made significant errors in judgement.”

“What we needed from the NDP was more urgency on child welfare, yet the opposition are still waiting to hear back on proposed terms of reference for a ministerial panel. We needed urgency and action on this file, but all we received were excuses. I’m willing to work with the government on this important area but they need to indicate their willingness to work with us.

“The electricity market changes showed how far the NDP are willing to go to implement their agenda as they passed legislation with an unlimited financial backstop.

“On electoral finance reform the NDP took a good idea too far. I support reducing campaign donation limits, but they couldn’t help but stack the deck in their favour, entrenching their incumbent advantage while simultaneously creating barriers for new and emerging parties.

The NDP claim that they are responsible governors, care for those in need, and stick up for the little guy. What this session has proved is that none of those claims are true.

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