Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark has released the following statement on International Women’s Day.

“I am fortunate to be surrounded by strong, wonderful women in my life. My wife, my daughters, my family and friends – I could not be the person I am without the influence of these remarkable women.

Today we must also remember the women here and across the world who are fighting simply for survival, fighting for their rights and the rights of their children, and striving to better themselves and their lives in repressive societies. We must fight for the rights of women across the world every day as we live in an ever-increasingly global community, as the fight for human rights is a fundamental part of our own society. At the same time, we must recognize our work here at home is not done. Canadian women are still paid less than their male colleagues, and threats of violence and sexual assault are all too real, especially for indigenous women.

We must also take this day to share the history of women, both around the world and in our own country. Their legacies and histories should be recognized and International Women’s Day inspires us to talk about and share these stories so that we might further our own knowledge and ideas moving forward.

I am grateful for all the women in my life, the women fighting for their rights in Alberta, Canada, and beyond, and for the thousands of people across the world recognizing International Women’s Day.

– 30 –

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