June 29, 2017 (Calgary) Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark is alarmed by the NDP’s reckless disregard for their own budget, citing increased spending and over-reliance on oil prices as cause for concern.

“This report proves that the NDP only care about instant gratification, rather than planning for future health and prosperity of this province,” said Clark. “All they are doing is delaying the inevitable. Even when they exceed their revenue forecast, they exceed their own spending by even more.”

“Budgets are about choices. It is absolutely possible to maintain top-quality public services and balance a budget. While $563M of the $1.9B overspend is due to the tragedy in Ft. McMurray, the majority of the overspending was entirely within the NDs control. They simply chose to ignore their own budget and spend the money anyways.”

“The 2016-17 annual report shows the NDP are completely incapable of keeping to the budget they set for themselves. Their budget accounted for population growth and high spending, and they still managed to exceed their spending forecasts. Not once has this government kept to the budget they set themselves – why should Albertans trust that they ever will in the future?”

“The Alberta Party has warned the NDP time and time again that these financial concerns were coming. The choices they have made are hurting Alberta, setting our province up for substantial cuts in the future regardless of which party is in power. The NDP government has abandoned all responsibility for the finances and future of the province.”

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