Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark is encouraged by the recommendations put forth in the Report of the Auditor General of Alberta, and is looking forward to working with all parties to implement the recommendations.

“These recommendations are ones that I’ve been arguing for since before I became an MLA ,” said Clark. “They are clear, simple, practical ways in which we can make government function more ethically, but also more effectively.”

“On corporate tax collection I agree with the Auditor General that it is unacceptable to see so much badly-needed tax revenue go uncollected,” said Clark. “I am extremely disappointed that the  Government did not even attempt to fix this problem before raising the corporate tax rates. The Government doesn’t even have a strategy to try to deal with outstanding tax returns, nor a policy to begin to fix the significant compliance problems found with corporate tax filings.

“Before you raise taxes, you should collect them properly. There is no point in increasing taxation if you are not able to access the revenue.”

Clark also expressed dissatisfaction with the Government for not having dealt with many of the problems regarding the Disaster Recovery Program.

“There have been problems with DRP from the start. I am disheartened that this new government seems unable to deal with the terrible inefficiencies of this system,” said Clark. “As a result, more than two years after the worst natural disaster in Alberta history, hundreds of Albertans are still waiting, and now, no matter how many meetings, emails, and phone calls with the Ministry I have – nothing has changed, and if anything the situation has gotten worse.”

Clark called on Minister Deron Bilous to expedite the closure of outstanding DRP files then launch a comprehensive review of the system.

On the significant loss to taxpayers from the sale of provincially-owned aircraft, Clark said “The loss of $4.7m on the selling of government planes is unsurprising. When you govern through knee jerk reactions rather than careful, considered planning, you end up with political fire sales that do not act in the best interest of Albertans. Selling the planes was the right thing to do, but it should have been done in a way that would maximize the return to Albertans, not just meet the political needs of the party in power.

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