September 6, 2017 (Calgary) – The Calgary Board of Education and the Minister of Education should respond to the chaos caused by bussing changes by reverting to last year’s routes, says Alberta Party Caucus leader Greg Clark.

“It’s clear that the new system isn’t working,” said Clark. “It’s time for both the CBE and the Minister of Education to take responsibility for the mess they created and start over.”

Clark said blame for the bussing chaos should be shared between the CBE and the Minister of Education.

“The CBE has had transportation changes in the planning stages for some time, and Bill 1 has unintended consequences,” said Clark. “There’s still time to reset, complete the Ministry audit and try again next year.”

Clark said any funding shortfall should be shared between the province and the CBE.

“The CBE’s budget is in excess of $1 billion annually, and the total provincial budget for Education is over $8 billion. That’s more than enough to roll back congregated stops and put kids back on yellow school busses.”

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