Calgary (October 24, 2016) It is unacceptable for any MLA to file their ethics disclosure after the deadline, but it’s especially troubling when 16 MLAs fail to file on time, said Alberta Party Opposition leader Greg Clark, commenting on the release of the 2015-16 Annual Report of the Office of the Ethics Commissioner.

“Compliance is not optional,” said Clark. “Albertans voted for change, especially as it relates to the ethics of elected officials.

“Failure to file ethics disclosures in a timely manner erodes the trust of Albertans in their elected leaders, political staff and senior government officials.”

Clark said the filing process is straightforward.

“We all know the deadline, and the Ethics Commissioner’s staff are easy to work with and are available to help us with the process,” said Clark. “There is absolutely no excuse to not file on time.”

“I call on all caucuses to release their MLA disclosure submission dates. The public deserves to know which of their elected officials are unable to comply with basic ethics disclosure rules.”

Clark says this is the reason the Select Special Ethics and Accountability Committee should be reinstated.

“We received submissions from the Ethics Commissioner and members of the public about the Conflicts of Interest Act but we didn’t get a chance to review the Act and recommend changes,” said Clark. “In light of evidence of MLAs and others playing fast-and-loose with the rules it is important the NDs extend this committee beyond its original one-year mandate.”

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