August 10, 2017 (Edmonton) – UCP Finance Critic Derek Fildebrandt should produce all records relating to the rental of his Edmonton apartment, and should face a penalty if it is proven he was double-dipping, says Alberta Party Caucus Leader Greg Clark.

“One of the first things I did as an MLA was to challenge the rules for the MLA living allowance so that MLAs can only claim up to their actual expenses, not automatically receive the maximum,” said Clark. “The rules are clear. MLAs can only claim an allowance for accommodation reflecting their actual costs, but there are no penalties if the rules are broken. If Derek Fildebrandt was earning money and claiming his full reimbursement, he’s breaking the rules.”

Clark wrote to the Speaker asking for an audit of all MLA living expenses. The letter can be found here.

“It’s deeply hypocritical for someone who’s been such a fierce critic of government waste to use taxpayer dollars for personal benefit,” said Clark. “During debate on Bill 4 in 2015 Derek Fildebrandt said:

…for some reason politicians can come to this place, pass laws, break them, but they don’t have to pay. (Source: Alberta Hansard, December 2, 2015, pg. 797)

“I agree. There should be a penalty when rules are broken and I intend to bring amendments to the Consolidated Member Services Committee Orders at my first opportunity.”

“There’s a big difference between serving the public and being self-serving. I think we know which one describes Mr. Fildebrandt.”

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