Alberta electricity consumers may have again paid more than they should have due to possible manipulation of the Alberta electricity market, says Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark.

“When I read the Alberta Utility Commission’s findings on the TransAlta market manipulation I started looking deeper into recent electricity pricing,” said Clark. “Alberta should have adequate supply to keep prices in check but it appears May and June’s prices were higher than they should have been.

“Prices should not be high when supply is not scarce.”

Clark has written a letter to Alberta Market Surveillance (MSA) Administrator Harry Chandler asking him to look into power pricing in the spring of 2015.

“Alberta’s deregulated electricity market can work if there are strong rules and those rules are strictly enforced,” said Clark. “In light of the TransAlta ruling I worry this is still not the case.

“My hope is the MSA and the Energy Minister will take this seriously and ensure Albertans are getting a fair deal on their electricity.”

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Source: AESO Pool Monthly Summary


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