Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark is calling on the Government to undertake a comprehensive consultation process on changes to Alberta’s elections and ethics rules. Clark’s motion to consult Albertans has been put off twice by the NDP Caucus majority on the Select Special Ethics and Accountability Committee and is on the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting.

“I presented a motion in September calling on the committee to travel the province to consult Albertans on the most comprehensive review of Alberta’s democratic institutions in the 110 year history of our province,” said Clark. “The Government have used their majority to defer debate twice. They are either unwilling or unable to have a reasonable discussion about whether or not consultation has value.

“Given their experience with Bill 6, perhaps now they’ll understand the importance of consultation.”

“I certainly hope the Government members will support my motion,” said Clark. “But at the very least I expect them to not adjourn debate on it for a third time. If they don’t want to consult Albertans I expect them to at least have the courage to vote against the motion, not use their majority to kick the can down the road one more time.”

Clark’s motion is as follows: Mr. Clark moves that the committee undertake a comprehensive consultation with Albertans, including but not limited to in-person hearings to be held in both urban and rural Alberta and also including an online feedback capability.

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