Nearly two years after one of the worst public policy mistakes in Alberta history the Government is adding insult to injury by quietly planning to tear down 49 properties purchased under the Floodway Relocation program, said Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark.

“In light of everything that’s gone on over the past two-plus years if houses simply start coming down it will ramp up everyone’s stress level once again,” said Clark. “Residents want to know what will become of the land these houses previously occupied, and more importantly, they want to know about the plans for flood mitigation.

“In a situation like this the government must over-communicate, not do things quietly.”

Clark said a letter has been distributed to some neighbours but community associations have not been notified, nor has there been any public announcement about what becomes of the properties once the houses are torn down. Demolition project manager Douglas Kemery has confirmed that 1302 Riverdale Avenue is one of the houses to be torn down. He can be reached at (403) 382-4090.

“This program was flawed from the start. It doesn’t help prevent future flooding, it’s costly and it creates a patchwork in our communities,” said Clark, who noted that neither house either side of 1302 Riverdale Avenue will be torn down, which does nothing to increase the flow of the river to prevent future flood damage.

“I want the Government to provide a comprehensive list of homes that will be demolished and present a clear plan for these properties.”

Clark called on the provincial government to move forward quickly with flood mitigation.

“Calgary and southern Alberta needs significant flood mitigation urgently,” said Clark. “And once it’s in place, the province should re-sell the buyout properties that are no longer at risk of flooding to make communities whole again and recover at least a portion of the money wasted on the buyout program.

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