Edmonton (November 30, 2016) Recent comments by Tzeporah Berman and Karen Mahon mean they should recuse themselves from the Oil Sands Advisory Group or be removed by Premier Notley, says Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark.

“I support the inclusion of diverse voices in crafting Alberta’s approach to oilsands development,” said Clark, “but it is important for any member serving on a Government of Alberta panel to maintain at least the appearance of neutrality regarding issues before the panel.”

Clark highlighted recent published comments by both as evidence of not only their bias, but of their willingness to share these views while actively serving on the OSAG panel.

In an article published in the Vancouver Sun on November 28, 2016 entitled “Trans Mountain pipeline, even if approved, won’t be built” Ms. Mahon wrote

“Granting a permit to build this pipeline will not end this issue. It will only be the beginning of a long and drawn out fight. And the real tragedy is that issue keeps us looking backward   to the extraction economy that was, instead of forward, to the renewable energy economy that is forming.”

Shortly after the federal approval of the Kinder Morgan and Enbridge Line 3 projects Ms. Berman opposed both projects on social media:

“Justifying #KinderMorgan & Line 3 because of Alberta Emissions Cap ignores First Nations treaty rights & other serious environmental impacts”

“These positions show a lack of flexibility, a clear bias and are inconsistent with Alberta’s interests,” said Clark.

“The Premier should immediately remove Ms. Berman and Ms. Mahon to preserve the integrity of this important body.”

Please see full letter here.

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