Edmonton (December 8, 2016) – Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark called on the Premier to fire the Minister of Human Services over severe negligence in the case of four-year-old Serenity, who died of severe neglect and abuse after being in the care of the province.

“This happened on the NDPs watch,” said Clark. “The failure of the Minister of Human Services to send Serenity’s file to the RCMP for investigation is deeply disturbing, and adds yet another painful layer to this heartbreaking situation.”

Clark called on the Premier to take action.

“The Premier needs to get a handle on her cabinet, starting with Minister Sabir. His inaction on this file is absolutely unconscionable,” said Clark. “The Minister needs to take responsibility for his department and this horrifying level of incompetence. There is no excuse – the safety of children in care needs to be of the utmost importance and safety protocols followed.

“The NDP have always argued that they stand up for the weak and the vulnerable, and it’s shameful that they have allowed this to happen.

“I call on the Premier to fire the Minister of Human Services as well as any departmental staff complicit in the failure to protect Alberta’s children in care.”

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