Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark is frustrated at the Government’s unwillingness to talk with Albertans about important issues in the province.

“The Government used their majority to vote down my motion to consult Albertans in person and online,” said Clark. “This would have been a first step to truly engaging in a province-wide debate about the state of democracy in Alberta. Instead they once again chose to limit access to real, substantive consultation.

“I thought they would have learned their lesson with Bill 6.”

Clark questioned the Government’s spending priorities.

“They are willing to spend $736,000 promoting their budget, and $700,000 to promote their Climate Change strategy, but refuse to spend even 20% of that talking to Albertans about democracy.

“This is the most comprehensive review of our democratic institutions in the 110 year history of our province. Albertans deserve to be heard on questions like how we elect our MLAs and fund political parties. This committee, when first formed, had great potential. Unfortunately it has been reduced to yet another vehicle through which the government will force through their own ideology without consideration for consultation and collaboration.”

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