The Minister of Education should intervene and direct the Edmonton Catholic School Board to respect the rights of a transgender girl entrusted to the care of the board, says Alberta Party  Opposition Leader Greg Clark.

“I was dismayed to see a mother, pleading for the rights of her child, ignored and mistreated by members of the board,” said Clark. “The behaviour of the board is unacceptable. They are entrusted with the wellbeing and education of all children who attend their schools, irrespective of race, gender, sexuality or gender identity.

“Bill 10 is clear, Transgender rights are basic human rights, and I am astonished that they would be violated in the case of a seven year old girl who simply wants to be treated the same as any other child.”

Clark called on Minister of Education David Eggen to use his authority as Minister to intervene directly with the board.

“I call on the Minister of Education to intervene and order to board of trustees to follow current legislation, or face consequences up to and including dissolution.”

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