Calgary (October 19, 2016) Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark has released a statement following the NDP State of the Province Address:

“I am profoundly disappointed that the NDs have chosen polarizing rhetoric that divides Albertans at a time when true leaders would pull us together. The Premier’s words pit Albertans against each other –this kind of hard partisanship doesn’t reflect who we are as Albertans and has no place in a State of the Province speech.

I’m also disappointed the NDP blamed everyone and everything except their own policies. It’s time for the NDP to take responsibility and stop blaming external factors like oil prices or previous governments.

Today’s speech shows the NDP has no real plan to bring spending in line without impacting frontline services. Their talk of “only” a $1 billion spending increase in the upcoming budget is irresponsible.

They have absolutely no plan to balance the budget, and continue to reference a jobs plan that simply does not exist. Closing your eyes and hoping for oil to rebound is not a jobs plan, nor is it a realistic strategy for our finances moving forward. That’s what got Alberta into trouble in the first place.

The Premier rejected the idea of doing more with less as a code for cuts to services and front line workers, but companies and households all across the province are having to do more with less every day. This NDPs rally speech will be of little comfort to the more than 300 people who lost their jobs at Enbridge today, and the thousands who have been losing their jobs across this province.

The address today was a non-event that has zero impact on the lives of everyday Albertans. The NDP need to spend less time and money telling us they are going to govern, and more time actually governing.

There were no major policy announcements, no real indications of how they will keep Alberta’s economy strong moving forward. Instead we heard highly partisan campaigning meant to shore up lagging poll numbers rather than announcing a plan for the upcoming session.”

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