The admission that the NDs have no plan to balance Alberta’s budget is an abdication of their duty to Albertans, says Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark.
“I’ve been concerned from the start that the Government doesn’t have a plan to return to balance,” said Clark. “Joe Ceci simply confirmed what Albertans had feared: this government has had no intention and no plan to return to balanced budgets.”

Clark said the Government need to make difficult choices to manage the cost of government.

“Across our province individuals, businesses and not-for-profits are doing more with less,” said Clark. “The only place that doesn’t seem to be happening is the Provincial government.
“These are not easy conversations, but Albertans expect the Government to keep spending in line with the financial realities we’re facing, not just now but going forward.”
Clark called on Ceci to restrict borrowing to capital projects and to not borrow for operations, and to present a plan to get to balance.

“It’s the difference between borrowing for a mortgage and carrying credit card debt,” said Clark. “Responsible capital borrowing can create jobs and build important infrastructure for Albertans, but borrowing for day-to-day operations creates a spiral of debt that will take a generation to pay off.

“The Government owes it to Albertans to present a realistic plan to balance the budget. If they don’t, they’re not doing their job.”

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