Edmonton (May 24, 2016) – Bill 20, the Climate Leadership Implementation Act lacks detail and doesn’t include measures of success, says Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark.

“I’m disappointed,” said Clark. “Unlike the Wildrose, the Alberta Party Opposition supports action on climate change, but it’s important to know not just the benefits of the policy but the potential risks and costs before implementing that policy.

“Bill 20 leaves more questions than it answers.”

Clark called on the government to address the following questions:

What is the total cost to Alberta consumers and businesses? There are a lot of holes yet to be filled through regulation, including details on the renewables transition. When will we learn these details?

  • Will this meet our Paris commitments? Various estimates say Alberta would need to more than double our targeted emissions reduction to meet Canada’s emission reduction target. Are further reductions expected?
  • If the goal is to reduce consumption by increasing costs, why do two thirds of Alberta households get a rebate?
  • How will carbon emissions be measured and reported?
  • What modelling has been done on the economic impacts of the carbon tax on GDP, investment levels, exports, consumer spending, and more?
  • The role of Energy Efficiency Alberta is unclear. What specific programs will be delivered to “recycle” carbon tax revenue? Will they create a home renovation credit program or other programs? When and how much of the carbon tax will be put into these programs?
  • The cost of coal retirements is unclear. $645 million has been allocated to Energy Efficiency Alberta over five years; how much of that will be required to compensate coal-fired electricity generators for stranded assets?
  • How will the 30% renewable energy target be achieved? Will there be a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) put in place and if so, at what price level? What will this cost Albertans?

“They’ve had enough time to come up with answers,” said Clark. “I’m concerned the fine points will not be debated in the Legislature but will be implemented via regulation behind closed doors.”

Clark called on the NDs to define how success on the climate plan will be measured.

“The measures for success are unclear,” said Clark. “How will Albertans know if the plan is working?

“They must set out specific measures of the benefits expected from this plan, including market access for Alberta’s oil and gas, and release regular reports to the public so that Albertans may hold them to account.

“Alberta has to do our part, but this Bill leaves too many unanswered questions.”

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