July 7, 2017 (Calgary) Recent DBRS warnings of a negative long-term outlook for Alberta’s finances show the danger of NDP financial mismanagement, says Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark.

“A warning shows as much a problem as a downgrade,” said Clark. “If this government does not make the difficult choices necessary to keep our provincial finances on track, our credit rating will only continue to plummet.”

“The NDP have no credible plan to balance the budget, and credit rating agencies recognize this. The Alberta Party has warned the government time and time again that they need a real plan to restore balance, but all we’ve seen are more excuses. The choices they have made are hurting Alberta, setting our province up for substantial cuts in the future regardless of which party is in power.”

“Alberta used to have the best credit rating in the country, but thanks to the choices made by the NDP government, our credit rating has continued to drop.”

“Our debt servicing costs were already forecast to be $2.3 billion per year. These interest payments will not go to front-line healthcare, taking care of seniors, protecting our environment, or building schools and supporting kids in classrooms. This is money they are flushing down the drain, with no benefit to the people of Alberta.”

“The Minister of Finance trying to spin this warning as a positive thing for the province is incredibly cynical. The NDP need to take their jobs seriously, listen to the advice of financial agencies, and stop fooling themselves and Albertans if they think their choices represent responsible budgeting.”

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