Although disappointed it wasn’t possible to resell homes purchased under the floodway buyout program, today’s announcement is another step on the long road to recovery for Calgarians still recovering from the 2013 flood, says Alberta Party Opposition Leader and Calgary-Elbow MLA Greg Clark.

“I met with Minister Larivee and I’m satisfied and I take her at her word that it wasn’t possible to resell the homes, even those that suffered relative minor damage or were repaired by their previous owner,” said Clark. “I look forward to the consultation in January to seek community input on the immediate and long-term future for the land.”

Clark said the floodway buyout program was ill-conceived from the start, and he will push for the properties to be resold once flood mitigation is in place.

“This program never made sense,” said Clark. “It created a patchwork where most homes were still occupied and only a very small number bought out. It didn’t make the communities safer, it didn’t prevent future damage and it certainly didn’t save any money.

“Once the Springbank mitigation project is in place it is important these properties are put back on the market to make our communities whole again, and to recover at least some of the money wasted on the floodway buyout program.”


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