Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark calls on the Government to use their Climate Change strategy to unapologetically promote market access for Alberta industry.

“There are a number of similarities between this report and Alberta’s Contribution: The Alberta Party Caucus Climate Change Strategy, and I am pleased to see mention of a number of things we agree on,” said Clark.

“That said, I am concerned about the significant scale of carbon pricing, and the Government’s intentions regarding the use of the revenue. This plan is not truly revenue neutral – it still comes at a cost to the average Albertan. I am also deeply concerned that the revenue generated will partially go into general revenue to be used for other government projects, rather than specifically earmarked for industry and personal offsets in addition to the already existing commitment to R&D and green technology.”

“It is important that we pivot into the new economy while not abandoning the old, and the amount of consideration for industry is vital when looking into a Climate Change strategy. I believe we must unapologetically promote Alberta’s emissions reduction successes to date and clearly articulate support for the long-term growth of Alberta’s energy industry, including the oil sands, conventional production, natural gas power, cogeneration and renewable energy.”

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