August 2, 2018 (Edmonton) – With a lawsuit pending on the government’s handling of a highway maintenance contract, a connection between the company at the centre of the dispute and a senior staffer in the NDP government is raising serious questions.

The government is being sued by five Alberta companies who allege that the contract for road maintenance was improperly awarded to BC firm Emcon without a proper tendering process.

John Heaney, who has served in various high level positions within Notley’s government, previously worked for Emcon as their lawyer.

Alberta Party Transportation Critic Greg Clark says the allegations laid out in the lawsuit raise serious questions about what information was being made available to Emcon.

“Based on the information contained in the lawsuit, we understand that Emcon came to the government and offered to take over the Carillion contract so long as changes and concessions were made,” said Clark. “The government claims that any company could have done the same, but if government connections mean Emcon was the only company aware of that opportunity, that’s not a fair process.”

Clark also pointed out that Heaney’s involvement adds to the perception of wrongdoing.

“We’re talking about an employee who is already under investigation for alleged political interference in the FOIP process by the Privacy Commissioner, and who apparently gets to dictate the terms of his contract with the government differently than others.”

“It’s worth asking what kind of influence Mr. Heaney has over this government, and who is benefitting from that influence.”

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Niall Condon

Director of Communications

Alberta Party Caucus

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