All Albertans deserve the opportunity to participate in Alberta’s economy through meaningful work. However, the current economic recovery is leaving too many people on the sidelines.

Young people, those without work-ready education, older workers who face age discrimination, and those who face barriers to traditional participation in the workforce.

We also know that economic statistics often don’t capture the struggle faced by certain sub-sections of the workforce, like independent contractors and the self-employed. These sections of our workforce are vital to our provinces economic recovery, and we need to make sure that more is being done to support them in finding stable income and a chance to grow their businesses and create more opportunities.

Increased employer costs and ineffective government programs are preventing a broad-based economic recovery. Meanwhile, unemployment and under-employment increase pressure on social programs, non-profits, and those involved in child support payments.

We need to make sure that all Albertans can access education and job training that prepare them and our province for the future. Our economy is changing, and we need to make sure that all Albertans, from the most remote regions to our biggest cities, are equipped to deal with that change.

Bill 209

Alberta Party Caucus MLA Karen McPherson has been consulting with unemployed and under-employed Albertans, along with employers, educators, and diverse stakeholders to inform Bill 209,  which will focus on getting unemployed and underemployed Albertans back in to meaningful employment.

The Alberta Party Caucus is focused on finding solutions to Alberta’s unemployment and underemployment issues. Our members are gathering feedback from affected Albertans and stakeholders, and we’re asking you to share your experience to better help us address the issue in the legislature.

To share your experiences with unemployment or underemployment, please complete the survey below.

Jobs Survey

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