Mr. Clark: Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. The Legislature and I think politics as a whole is far too often all about either/or. Either you believe in building schools, or you believe in strong fiscal management. Either you want a strong health care system, or you want to eliminate the debt. You’re either with us, or you’re against us. Well, I don’t like that word “or.” In the Alberta Party we like to talk about “and”: environmental protection and responsible energy development, innovation for the new economy and strong traditional industries, quality of life in rural communities and in big cities, opportunity for indigenous people and all Albertans in equal measure, addressing poverty and building a prosperous society, promoting Alberta’s interests and building a strong nation.

But Albertans are being told they have to choose. That is not how we built this province. We didn’t make Alberta the best place in the world to live by having to choose one over the other or by leaving people behind. We did it by building the most compassionate, innovative, entrepreneurial community in the world based on “and,” and we can keep it that way. Albertans do not need to choose between left or right. We can have a strong economy, and we can have a strong society. That is who Albertans are, and that is what the Alberta Party stands for.

Thank you.

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