February 8, 2018 (Calgary) – The Springbank off-stream reservoir project has been delayed three times and is at further risk of delay, says Alberta Party Caucus leader and Calgary-Elbow MLA Greg Clark.

“When the NDP originally approved this project in the fall of 2015 they committed to completing the project in time for the 2019 flood season,” said Clark. “That was moved to 2020, and delayed again to only partial completion by 2021, with the full-scale project complete by 2022. That’s nearly a decade after the worst flooding in our province’s history.

“Every year brings risk, and the longer NDP mismanagement delays the project the more risk to downtown Calgary.”

Clark noted that the most recent timeline called for regulatory reviews to start in January 2018.

“The environmental impact assessment submitted by the NDP had so many deficiencies it’s caused further delay,” said Clark. “There has been a lot of finger pointing over who is behind the delays, but the Minister needs to take responsibility for ensuring this critical project is completed on time.”

Clark said there is significant risk of further delays.

“As we approach the five-year anniversary of the flood, businesses, people who rely on downtown Calgary for their livelihood, and residents of river communities are still waiting.”

“There is simply no sense of urgency in the government’s approach” Clark said. “I can tell you that for the people in Calgary who lived through the devastation of the 2013 flood, and the businesses who were impacted, getting this done is a top priority.”

“This government likes to talk about having the backs of Albertans, but you aren’t going to hold back the next flood with a slogan. Calgary needs this project completed, and we need it completed soon.”


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