I’m encouraged to see the government accepting the recommendations of the Child and Youth Advocate and the Auditor General following their reports into Indigenous children in care. This is a trend that has been going on for far too long in our country and our province. The reports show that Alberta has the highest rate of Indigenous children in car in Canada. This is a tragedy that requires the government’s urgent attention.

We need to focus on increasing the number of suitable kinship placements, allowing the children to fully understand their identity and history. We need to honour the culture and heritage of these children and allow them to remain members of their community.

If for any reason a child is put in a non-indigenous home, we must ensure those parents are fully trained and equipped to look after the child’s cultural needs.

I look forward to working with the government to ensure child welfare legislation includes an indigenous context, I wholeheartedly support the report by the Auditor General and Child and Youth Advocate. I hope to see a clear plan and a realistic timeline for significant action on behalf of indigenous children in care.


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