March 2, 2017 (Edmonton) – Despite the an attempt to paint a rosy picture of the government’s plan today’s Throne Speech raises serious questions about the sustainability of NDP promises, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“The money has to come from somewhere,” said Clark. “I hope they realize that the money they borrow has to be paid back at some point.”

Clark expressed concern that the Speech from the Throne didn’t present any concrete plans to attract investment capital to Alberta to help end government over-reliance on non-renewable resource revenues.

“The NDP spent the last election saying that the number of kids in a class shouldn’t depend on the price of oil,” said Clark. “But their only plan to fund future programs is to hope and pray that energy prices recover.

“That is not a responsible or sustainable plan.”

Clark called on the government to deliver a credible plan to not only balance the budget but to start paying down debt.

“The NDP continue to say they will reduce government spending, but we have yet to see any evidence that they will follow through. Last time they claimed to reduce spending, they actually found a way to increase it.”

“Our Pathway to Prosperity plan offers a balanced approach to ensure front line services are sustainable, while balancing the budget in four years and shifting the tax system to end government over-reliance on non-renewable resource revenues.

“It’s really not that complicated or difficult,” said Clark. “All it takes is leadership, focus and determination.

“Unfortunately, that seems to be missing from this government when it comes to Alberta’s fiscal situation.”

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