November 28, 2017 (Edmonton) – The second quarter budget update should be a turning point for Alberta’s finances, but instead continues to disappoint, says Alberta Party Caucus leader Greg Clark.

“Every time we expect them to have turned a corner the NDP find ways to over-spend a budget they made just six months ago,” said Clark. “They say they will find in-year savings, but then they undo any benefits by exceeding their own budget.”

“They claim they’re working towards $400 million in savings, but they’ve over-spent the budget they made just six months ago by $248 million.”

In addition to increased overall spending, Clark pointed to the fact that the NDP can’t deliver the promised infrastructure projects.

Today’s fiscal update revealed huge capital plan reductions, including $359 million from Transportation, $258 million from Education, $126 million from Health, $69 million from Infrastructure and, and $30 million in Seniors and Housing.

“In Education alone, there are $258 million worth of schools that aren’t going to be built this year,” said Clark.  “That’s at least 10 schools. Which communities will the NDP let down this year? Which kids won’t have a school to attend next fall?”

“Albertans deserve better,” said Clark. “The NDP and UCP are two sides of the same coin; both assume that oil and gas royalties will save the day. The UCP proposes massive cuts, the NDP brings unsustainable levels of debt, and neither understand the need to rethink how we deliver better government to Albertans for less cost.

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