Edmonton (December 4, 2017)  Bill 32, An Act to Strengthen and Protect Democracy in Alberta, is a good start to solving a problem the NDP created, says Alberta Party MLAs Greg Clark and Karen McPherson.

“It’s important to remember that PACs proliferated in Alberta because of the NDPs rushed changes to election finance laws,” said Clark.  “The all-party committee set up to review all aspects of political financing was sidetracked by the NDPs insistence to put rules in place that benefitted their own party. The fact they didn’t extend the committee to examine appropriate ways of limiting PACs is the reason we see so many of them today.”

“I am strongly in favour of ensuring political activity is transparent and fair,” said Calgary Mackay Nose Hill MLA Karen McPherson. “Albertans should know who is behind political advertising, and restrictions on using outside groups to do political organizing, fundraising, and event planning are long overdue.”

“Our Caucus will examine the bill closely to ensure it does not unduly restrict Albertans’ Charter rights to free speech, but I am encouraged by any effort to constrain the growth of PACs,” said Clark. “While I have questions on several other aspects of the bill, including residency requirements, this is a decent step which I hope will lead to greater transparency and fairness within Alberta’s electoral system.”

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