October 5, 2017 (Calgary) Alberta’s NDP need to make a forceful case to sell both the economic and environmental arguments for Energy East, says Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark.

“Alberta needs leadership that will fiercely defend our oil sands. All of Canada, and the world, needs to know that Alberta companies are making huge strides in reducing carbon from oil sands production,” said Clark. “Oil sands producers have been eager to work with new technologies that would reduce the carbon-intensity of their crude oil.”

“Simply put, displacing carbon-intensive Venezuelan and other crudes with Alberta’s de-carbonized oil sands will help slow climate change.  Why haven’t we heard this from the NDP?”

“This government has failed to make the environmental case that Alberta oil represents a net carbon benefit over the alternatives, and they have failed to champion the innovators in our oil and gas sectors who have created the environmental argument for Alberta oil.”

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Director of Communications

Alberta Party Caucus

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