September 21, 2018 (Calgary) – The Government needs to come clean in light of new revelations about the behaviour of the arms-length Balancing Pool.

“This is the single biggest scandal of the NDP government,” said Alberta Party Energy critic Greg Clark. “Its been clear to Albertans for a long time that the government’s actions regarding the cancelled PPAs was more about protecting their own skin rather than protecting Albertans.”

“Now we have proof.”

Documents released today reveal that the Balancing Pool distorted the market by holding on to PPAs that should have been cancelled, an action that turned a $700 million dollar surplus into a $910 million dollar liability.

“The Balancing Pool has a legislative mandate to deliver the best possible value for Albertans. What we’re seeing today is that mandate taking a backseat to political considerations.”

Clark said the Balancing Pool is supposed to be an independent body, but the MSA’s ruling raises serious questions about whether that independence is still intact.

“It would take a lot to convince me that the Balancing Pool isn’t being directed by political operatives within government,” said Clark. “There’s no question they weren’t acting in the best interests of Albertans”

“Albertans are right to be outraged that the NDP wasted $1.6 billion of their money to cover up their own mistakes.”

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Niall Condon

Director of Communications

Alberta Party Caucus

(780) 721-3065

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