May 23, 2017 (Edmonton) – Bill 15 makes sweeping changes to Alberta’s carbon tax and political contribution rules but does nothing to help charities, says Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“Alberta’s political contribution rules are too generous, especially when compared with tax write-offs available for charities,” said Clark. “I argued for political contributions to be lowered, and I argued for charitable contribution tax credits to be raised.

“Instead, the NDP extended tax refunds for politicians. That tells you everything you need to know about NDP priorities.”

Clark said the changes to political contribution rules are a surprise and were never discussed in the Select Special Ethics and Accountability Committee.

“Once again the NDP have gone against the recommendations of the all-party committee they announced with such fanfare,” said Clark. “It’s clear the committee was just a smokescreen, and the NDP was going to ram through their agenda from the beginning.

“Albertans expected better from a new government.”

Clark’s proposed amendment to strike out the sections of Bill 15 that expand political contribution tax credits was defeated today by the NDP.

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