June 28, 2018 (Edmonton) –Albertans are once again seeing the inability of the NDP to stick to a budget, says Alberta Party Finance critic Greg Clark.

“With spending coming in nearly half a billion dollars higher than the government’s budget projections, it is clear that the NDP is out of its depth when it comes to fiscal management,” said Clark.

“This isn’t an isolated instance,” Clark added. “The NDP has overspent the budget each and every year since their election. At this point I think it is clear they either don’t know how to budget or they haven’t been honest with Albertans about their true intentions.”

Clark pointed out the deficit and debt would be billions lower if the NDP just stuck to their own budgets.

“If they had simply stuck to their two most recent budget forecasts the deficit would be at least two billion dollars lower, and that would reduce Alberta’s debt load,” said Clark.

“It’s actually pretty simple; just spend what you say you’ll spend.”

Clark also added that this spending was over and above the government’s already large increases in operating expense.

“The NDP has never been shy about approving big spending increases. To have to come back to the taxpayer with their hand out because they didn’t fully account for expenses is unacceptable.”

“Our caucus has been critical of this government’s lack of a credible plan to return to balance. Given their history of over-spending every single budget to date, Albertans shouldn’t believe any ‘plan’ the NDP says they have.”

The Alberta Party Caucus will continue to push the government to spend public dollars more prudently.

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Niall Condon

Director of Communications

Alberta Party Caucus

(780) 721-3065


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