October 15, 2018 (Calgary) – The NDP is downloading the costs related to cannabis legalization on to municipalities with no plans for reasonable compensation.

“This is a clear example of the provincial government hanging their municipal partners out to dry”, said MLA Karen McPherson.

“Municipalities are going to be facing some significant costs arising from the legalization of cannabis, including policing and regulation.”

MLA McPherson went on to add that the amount of grant money being set aside to deal with cannabis issues over the next two years is woefully inadequate.

“Municipalities require predictable sources of funding, especially when it comes to issues of public safety. A grant-based model, as opposed to revenue sharing, leaves many cities unable to do long-term planning around legalization.”

“The provincial government is apparently ok with towns and cities bearing the brunt of the costs and responsibilities associated with legalization, and then pocketing any future windfall.”

“The provincial government has been aware for many months that the first few years are expensive for ALL levels of government, and they’ve waited until 2 days before legalization to spring this policy on municipalities. That’s very unfair.”

“To be extremely clear on this, municipal governments are our partners in governance. They are on the front lines of dealing with this issue.”

“They deserve better than what they are getting from this government.”

The Alberta Party Caucus will continue to push the NDP government to make sure municipalities are getting a fair deal when it comes to cannabis revenue.

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Contact: Niall Condon
Director of Communications
Alberta Party Caucus
(780) 721-3065

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